FAQs for Writers

What is this Service?

The Psychology Network brings together Professionals from across globe in the field of Psychology. Our Network is the largest platform for you to Connect, Share in, Build and Enhance your Professional reputation, plus showcase your services expertise and your products.

Is this a Free Service?

Yes, for all Professionals this service is free for 6 MONTHS where you can be listed in our Online Directories and our free extra services. After your initial 6 month period of NO COSTS to you we do offer you a full Premium Account which is a subscription monthly paid service of just $19.99.

If you opt to become a Writer for us ALL our services are FREE for you including being listed for free in our online directories, plus and you can list your services, products, courses and expertise for free as for as long as you create content for us.

This offers you exceptionally more to increase your professional status, help you market your services extensively, post and list your services and products and many ways to earn a bigger income.

What do I get with a Free Account?

You get a free account for a 6 month period and you can get access to a Free Profile with all these free benefits:

  • A free Premium Profile
  • List yourself and your services in our Online Directories
  • List your books, Ebooks and Audiobooks
  • List your products in our online shop
  • List a Training course
  • Add your knowledge to our knowledgebase
  • List your Events

If you opt to be a Writer for us you can get a FREE account for the length of the period you create content for us and have access to all the benefits as laid out above plus listed in our Online Directories.

How do I sign up for an account?

As a Professional simply complete the online Form with your information and send it to us. You must also download the Profile Information document and send this to us so we can create your online profile at our Directories. You can do so here:

If you wish to become a Writer for us or You may have specifically been invited to become a Writer already, you simply create Go Here and download the required documents, complete and send these to us. All the benefits will be added to your account and we will communicate to you all the documentation and requirements and all info you need to have. Feel free to connect with us if you have any question by sending us an email – writers@psychologynetwork.net

Can I invite a Colleague?

Yep – you sure can. As a writer you will specifically be invited to join us based on your particular expertise. You are free to invite everyone you know in the field of Psychology though to join as members via the Psychology Network website and help build this network.


What is this going to cost me?

As a Professional – nothing for a FULL 6 MONTHS. You get listed in our Directories plus all the extra benefits, and after 6 months a monthly a subscription fee of $19.99 is your investment for all services.

As a Writer? Nothing at all – other than two hours of your time – per month – and for as long as you stay a content creator for us. We get clients to you as they read, listen to and view your content on various platforms across all of social media and YOU make money. No catch!

How does this benefit me?

ONLY – your investment in time [2 hours per month] to create content [videos, podcast and article]. This means your signature and expertise is concretized in the content for the life it is displayed and on the web. Your content will be published to all social networks and will generate your leads and income from these sources for all this time and beyond.

This service is free and you get to showcase your expertise and your service – for free. No advertising costs to you EVER! Clients will simply absorb your content and easily build trust with you, your services and your expertise. Clients subsequently contact you directly your content links or from your profile and you make money.

Additionally you benefit from our specialist SEO strategies as we maximise your content and this means search engines picks up your links [incoming and outgoing to and from your website] and provide you with authoritative link-building and therefore traffic to increase your rankings and push you higher up in searches users would make. We fully optimize all your content [articles, videos and podcasts] with specific niche keyword search, titles, description and more to ensure you benefit from content created by all our professionals as a collective – and thus dominate the searches people are making online. It gives you overall much more authority in your area of expertise. All this add to is more searches and more clients finding you over a longer period of time – and thus much more income.

How do clients find me through this service?

The system is set up so that clients can easily find you. You will have links in each article you create. These are published to all social media networks and press releases, and or published to each professionals website/blog page to maximize exposure for the content you create. All these links lead to your Profile in our online directory. Here clients will find your services, expertise and website/social media links. Clients can thus click your links in your Author Bio displayed at the bottom of every article you create, follow your links from podcasts you create or follow your links from each video you create directly to your profile or website.

We also have a highly effective search facility in our website that allows clients to search by name, professional, sessions, area and a variety of other search criteria to accurately find you in our online directory.

Additionally clients would also contact us with a specific request to find a Professional for their specific needs. We would match clients with your profile to attain a good match with your expertise and feed these clients to you and your services.







How do I create my Profile?

When you download the required documents here to sign up and complete and send these back to us, [Your Profile document documents outline the full process and all information you are to supply for your online professional profile. You have to do nothing else as we will create your profile and all your details. You can send up to 6 pictures for your profile, your company or business logo and an introductory video about yourself and your services. The full information and specifications are in the document. We will send you a link to view and if needed, update your profile.

What information do I need for my Profile?

All the information you require will be in the downloadable documents settinging out the exact information and requirements you need to submit to us. Simply add your details to the Word Document and send it as an attachment with your email to us.

This is a summary of the required information you need to send to us: Practice or Business Name | Categories you want to be listed in | Practice Listing Name | Professional Title | Qualifications | Specialization | Association Membership | Sessions Type | Session Costs | Contact information | Business/Practice Address | Website | Social Network links | Email | Telephone contact | Your listing keyword/tags | Map Coordinates of your business address | send your Photos | Your logo | Introductory Video.

Do note we take the hassle out of everything for you, by creating your online profile for you – as we know you may not have the time. If you have any questions at all simply email us.


How do I submit an article?

Simply email your article as an attachment to writers@psychologynetwork.net. We will optimize your article for maximum SEO requirements and we will create a professional outlay for your article in our website pages. You are free to submit images you wish to add to your article [Please ensure that these are copyright free] or we will add images from our own library. Your Author Bio are automatically added to the end of your article – so clients can find you easily.

What length should articles be?

Articles should not be shorter than 1000 words. You can extend to any length you prefer. Do note these MUST be original content and NOT posted anywhere on the web or other medium. We will provide you with a list of keyword rich titles for articles that can select from, and in your field of expertise. These titles we get from clients/users who are seeking answers and are ALREADY searching for these answers. As you complete your article on these topics and use the keywords at least three [3] times throughout the article it ensures your article will come up higher in the search engines and you will easier be found by clients.

We will post these to the website and all social networks – to bring you more clients.

What exact resource contribution do I have to submit every month?

You are to submit 1 article for each month. This should take a maximum of 2 hours of your time per month. You are totally free to create more if you wish…

We will do the rest to optimize and upload to all social networks.

Do you have guidance on creating better content for Professionals?

Yes. Simply connect here: We will provide you with guidance and sample content. These are additional how-to-tips in our professional section of the website and you can contact us at any time at writers@psychologynetwork.net – for any support.

Do I have to offer a free first session?

As part of our service we offer our users/clients an opportunity to ‘test’ if they wish to use the service and commit to speaking to a Professional. This is a complementary service and this free session is ONLY for an initial session, as you would normally offer any client wanting to ‘try’ out your service. This would lay the foundation for a greater relationship as we offer the session as a means of securing that clients would use your service. Clients may not feel comfortable to talk about their difficulties yet –  or for many other reasons. By offering these sessions we increase the chances that clients will use your services as we can stay in contact with them, provide additional resources and guidance to build up rapport and trust. It will make it easier for them to reach out to you. These are clients who is familiar with your content and use your services, and additionally recommend your services to others.

How do clients contact me directly?

All our users and clients who becomes listeners of podcasts, viewers of videos or readers of your articles will have direct to your links from within your article, from your author bio at the end of every article and the links available from there. These link directly to your profile in our online professional directory, and directly to your website and services. You have free access to add your social network links here – so you can easily be reached. Clients simply click these links to connect with you.

How do I ask a question or make a suggestion?

You can simply send us a email at writers@psychologynetwork.net with any query you may have or any support you may need.

We have contact forms throughout the website pages and you can contact us in this way too.

We also have a dedicated Professional Section – here you can access professional discussion forums and link with fellow professionals and make your suggestions or ask a question. You can also find additional free resources, sample documents, guidance and support.

Do I need to belong to a Professional Organization?

This is not a requirement for us. Where on the globe you offer your services, your expertise as and the requirements of the governing body – can all influence your decision to belong  or not to a Professional body. We find that clients do respond better if you are a registered member of your governing professional body. This is your choice entirely though.


Do I need to be professionally insured?

No – but again this is your personal choice and if it is a requirement of your governing professional body. You being insured does create greater trust and accountability for clients.

Can I invite or recommend colleagues to the service?

Yes – you sure can. Do feel free to invite any professional you deem could benefit with our services and exposure to their services.