Membership Guidance

Membership and Services:

We offer as part of our membership paid subscription, as a service to our professionals and a service for our client end-users/clients. This includes content creators creating articles, videos and podcasts as self help resources published on our platform and all social media platforms for our end users to consume and at the same time to connect with our Professional for their services via our online Professional Directories.
This is a paid monthly subscription service for our Professionals. Initial listing is FREE for the first 6 months and will become a monthly subscription fee of $19.99 thereafter.

Conditions of Membership

* You pay on a monthly billing cycle to be listed
* You get all the benefits of being promoted on our online channels and blogs/subsites via internal and external links.
* As a Content Creator and Professional who opt to create content, have their links to their profile, services and products advertised in articles, videos and podcasts.
* You have a profile created in these online directories and will exist for as long as your monthly subscription is valid. If you cancel your subscription your account will be closed and all your information including links form content and services will be removed from all our subsites and directories.

You get additional free access to Services we provide to our Professionals and includes being able to:

* List your product in our online shop
* List a book/Ebook/audiobook at our online Bookstore
* List a training course
* Create content for our Psychology Knowledgebase
* Add your events to our online portal

We may at our discretion remove all these contributions if you cancel your subscription with us. We also reserve the right to keep content you created and/or uploaded on our servers and websites, and this could be due to the detriment it may cause our platform functions, detrimentally affecting our SEO ranking, the difficulty to remove said links and you acknowledge that we will in no way be held responsible for any loss whatsoever these actions may bring about.

As a member you agree upon taking membership to adhere to the terms of use available in each of the Services and Directories on our platform, in conjunction with this document. This includes:
* Keeping your account in good standing
* Ensuring you create a full profile
* That you provide accurate information
* You list for qualifications and expertise you have legally achieved
* Your listing is relevant for the Professional Directory you apply to
* You adhere to the required professional standards

You acknowledge that our Directories are merely a bridge or portal to display your services and for end-users/clients to find you and your services. Links to your services is displayed and end-users/clients will access your services externally to your website/platforms. We do not share any accountability for the level, type of and quality of said services.
We are not to be held responsible for payments, cancellations, refunds, or complaints from end-users/clients. You remain responsible for these.
You undertake to deliver a professional standard of service to all end-users/clients in keeping with ethical guidance and standards from your professions governing body, and you undertake to keep in good stead the ethos and good name of the Psychology Network. If you or your services or actions warrants bringing the Psychology Network and its aims into disrepute we will remove or revoke your membership without prejudice.
You agree that your service delivery and practise in no way reflect those of the Psychology Network and we shall not be held responsible when any dispute, allegation or discrepancy are levied against you, your practice or your services.
We merely provide you with a means to introduce our end-users/clients to your services. Their choice in selecting your services and accepting your services is a private agreement between themselves and you.

You can sign up for free here