Professional Services Guidelines

Our Professional Services:

We offer our Members with a free or paid subscription account a range of services they can access to help promote their services or practice.

This includes:
* List your product in our online shop
* List a book/Ebook/audiobook at our online Bookstore
* List a training course
* Upload video content to teach a training course
* Create content for our Psychology Knowledgebase
* Add your events to our online portal

You agree that the services we provide you with a free account shall in no way be used or abused in a way that is inconsistent with this agreement or our values, goals and mission. If in any event you are found to be in transgressions of this your account will be cancelled immediately without prejudice.

These services include:

Listing a Book | Product or | Training Course
You acknowledge that you shall only list books/ebooks/audiobooks or product that is your rightful property and that you have full authorship/ownership of said product.
No product with affiliate links or compensation you receive to promote a product, book/ebook/audiobook or course shall be allowed to be listed on our platform or servers
We only provide a platform to showcase or list your product, book/ebook/audiobook or course and we allow and provide an external link where these product, book/ebook/audiobook or course can be purchased. We shall in no way be held responsible for any sales, shipping, refunds, correspondence with customers or deal with customer services. This is your responsibility or the platform said products or goods are sold at. You agree that we will not be held responsible in any dispute or enquiry arising and you take full responsibility for resolving all issues.
We reserve the right to refuse any product, book/ebook/audiobook or course to be listed on our platform or server.
We reserve the right to remove any product, book/ebook/audiobook or course if any complaint or abuse of our systems is discovered or we are being made aware of it. This may also result in your membership of the Psychology Network revoked.

Listing a Event
You agree that we merely provide a portal to showcase and present your events, and we have no obligation to do so. It is a complementary service only and at our discretion.
You agree to provide us with relevant, accurate and timely information and we are in no way responsible for its accuracy.
We do not take responsibility for bookings or payments on our platform, though we reserve the right to decide if this is appropriate and in what circumstances.
We are not responsible for inaccuracies or miscommunication of the accuracy of information about the event and we reserve the right not to entertain any disputes.
We reserve the right to refuse any information or event without prejudice, without the need to justify our decision. We are not obliged to accept or host/showcase any event which does not adhere to our terms, values, aims and goals. You acknowledge this right.

Submission Limitations
You acknowledge that we reserve the right exclusively to limit products, books/ebooks/audiobooks or courses you wish to promote on our platform. We do consider all our Professionals and equality of our services to our members is paramount. If we determine our system is being abused or taken advantage of to the detriment of other members you agree that you may not have your product, book/ebook/audiobook or course listed or these removed, and you will have no recourse to our refusal to list these. You also acknowledge that your product, book/ebook/audiobook or course will immediately be removed, your account terminated if any dishonesty, ill intent and abuse becomes evident.
As a free service we seek to keep our practice transparent to the good of all members and we expect the same in Professional reciprocity.

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